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  • Windows 2000
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San Esperito, an island Nation, has come to the attention of the Defence Department by virtue of its attempts to purchase enriched uranium on the world market. Not a good sign. Nobody buys El President's lame excuses that he wants to make San Esperito energy self-sufficient within a decade – no, it's clear he's buying this stuff for weapons. Like all dictators, he's dreaming of WMD.

Nobody knows what San Esperito's military ambitions are but it doesn't matter: regime change is the only option. Of course, the operation has to be completely covert, no fingerprints, the US totally uninvolved. There are all sorts of secret deals, arrangements and embarrassments that could be exposed if any official connection became known, what more the power balance between the military, drug barons, police, and oppositional guerrillas is very delicate, maintained only by a very fragile bond of fear and insecurity. This is a job for the Agency. And if it's a job for the Agency, then it's a job for Rico Rodriguez!

With 89 vehicles at your disposal choose from choppers, boats, cars, bikes, mini-subs or jets to explore 1,025 Km² of the tropical island of San Esperito. Skydive, parasail, machine-gun, car-jack, base-jump and bazooka your way through missions as you lead a nation to freedom.

"Fun but deeply flawed."

Just Cause at the start is a great game. Think sandbox, gta style. Almost if one were going to make GTA: Banana republic. However once one gets into the later missions the tendency to be instantly killed by gunships firing missles at you, never missing with their regular bullets (which take anywhere from 10%-25% of your health) and instantly being killed by suicidal army personnel ramming their vehicles into you pretty much take all the fun out of the game.

Needing to save only at designated points really killed it for me to. In short if you do not like reloading your game over and over again, and then eventually just deleting it from your machine, don't bother.

The game also had severe stability problems and frequent crashes (steam version) when played for a long period of time.

  • Wide open, huge world
  • Mayhem oriented
  • The missions before they become absurdly difficult are fun.
  • Far too difficult
  • Terrible save features
  • Health kits are few and far between
  • Enemies that instantly kill you often
  • Mission difficulty rises extremely steeply from one to the next.

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05 Oct 2011

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